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Complete UI redesign of OkayPlayer.com, the long-standing hip-hop news blog and its entire digital portfolio.

Goal | Co-founded by The Roots' drummer Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson as a loose musical collective in 1987, okayplayer.com has been the go-to site for all things hip-hop for decades. It is an online hip-hop and alternative music website/community, described by Rolling Stone as a "tastemaker" and "an antidote to dull promotional Web sites used by most artists." Today the Okay empire has grown to include 5 music blogs and an e-commerce portal that all have different branding and navigation systems.

Results | Unifying the brand through a cohesive flexible framework and revitalizing the content strategy gave a fresh start to the brand. Streamlining the identities provides clarity and directions as the company moves forward and expands its portfolio.

Interaction Design for ground-breaking social banking startup.

Goal | Most banks are impersonal and don't capitalize on the social and digital behaviors that consumes the modern customers reality. The founder of Bink came to me to design the alpha site and app for a financial service experience smarter than any other.

Results | Bink lets people save and interact with money in fun and social ways. Whether its pooling money together for a birthday gift or setting aside money every week for date night, Bink is a smart bank and responds to your spending behaviors. It can also suggest deals and vendors that saves you money on the products and excursions your already saving for.

The goal of Showcased is to help aspiring musicians by disrupting the current system of booking gigs and create a new format in live event creation. It is an online eco-system that allows musicians to connect with each other, brand sponsorship and venues to create their own music festivals.

Goal | My thesis focuses on independent musicians and how the long established paradigms between artist, label and fan are shifting, leaving fertile ground for design innovation. Although new fan management and music streaming services are created everyday, many unmet need areas have yet to be addressed by interaction design. As I conducted interviews with my audience recurring pain points were struggles to book shows, monetize and grow their fanbase.

Results| Showcased address these concerns by empowering rising musicians to perform and curate their own small scale SXSW style showcases by aligning them bands, venues and brand sponsorship, all within the Showcased online ecosystem. Unlike traditional methods of booking shows where the supply chain is controlled by venues, requests are ignored, pay is low and bands aren't connected, Showcased is community-driven, curated and social. Showcased breaks down these barriers and puts the power to perform in the hands of the artist.

Smorgasbus is food truck and education program that seeks to put a dent in the rising childhood obesity epidemic.

Goal | Childhood obesity in urban communities is at an all time high. With school lunch programs that are sub-par and parents who don't have the nutritional education to make healthy food choices, many of these children are left with few options. The goal of this project was to create an innovative service to curb this epidemic.

Results | Enter Smorgasbus. On Friday's the tricked-out school bus turned food trick is an alternative lunch service that delivers a variety of healthy, kid-delicious meals along with quality nutrition education to school children, grades 3rd-5th, in the areas that need it most like Harlem, the Bronx and central Brooklyn. The rest of the week Smorgasbus is a lunch option for the millions of working adults in the metro NYC area. Profits from working adults sales fund the meals, education and events for children in low-income areas and food deserts.

INTouch Tables draw on technologies of gestural and multi-touch screens to create a new dining experience for restaurant guests.

Result | The project utilizes a system of networked devices—the dining table interface, servers’ digital tablet, and kitchen/bartender order queues. As part of this larger system, the table interface allows guests to interact with the restaurant in an improved way and does not attempt to eliminate the server, but enhance the customer experience by making the communication channels more efficient.

The tables are designed to give guests more control over their experience. They are able to order drinks, page the server, check order status and pay their bill at any time throughout the dinner. The interface offers easy menu browsing as well as a dietary preference filter for customers with restrictions or allergies. The table also facilitates collective ordering by allowing guests to suggest sharing dishes by sliding a menu item to the center of the table.

The final deliverable was a video prototype. We utilized filmed hand gestures over flash interfaces set to live action shots of a group dining scenario to illustrate the functionality of the system.
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